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Flying at IWM Duxford - a whole day out!

Duxford is Europe's premier aviation museum and houses one of the finest collections of tanks, military vehicles and naval exhibits in the country.

There are 85 acres of exhibitions to see at Duxford, so when you come for a flight with us at Classic Wings you get the chance to see all this too as entry is free to our voucher holders, and half price for accompanying friends and family.

This famous heritage site began as an airfield in the First World War and also played a vital role in the Second World War, firstly as an RAF fighter station and later as an American fighter base.

At Duxford you can see hundreds of aircraft, including Concorde, Spitfires, Lancaster, Mustang, the Blackbird, the B17 Flying Fortress and many, many more. Duxford is steeped in history and the different exhibitions available all tell their different stories. The exhibits don’t stop at aircraft, however, as there are many naval and military stories too, mainly featured in the huge Land Warfare Hall. There really is something for everyone. To visit  IWM Duxford’s website, please click on 

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