The Sky’s the Limit Package

(10 days)

For any potential Spitfire Pilot our conversion course and will take you step by step to allow you to gain the necessary skills in order to be able to fly a Spitfire solo.

Course Content TEN DAYS

Aim : To complete an intensive course of Flight training to take you through all the basic Tailwheel skills and complex training in order to convert onto the Spitfire.

Ground School : Approximately 30-50 hours
Flight Training : Will include the courses listed :

  • Tailwheel Conversion
  • Tiger moth or Chipmunk Conversion
  • High performance complex type conversion (5hr)
  • Spitfire Conversion training Course

Cost £71,032

Course pre-requisite: Current ICAO PPL and Medical.

Notes : As with all flying training the courses, the syllabus hours are a guide only and some pilots may require additional flight training and ground school. If you do not meet the minimum hours for the purpose of Insurance, you will not be allowed to fly solo. You will be informed when you have achieved the required solo standard but you will have to fly with one of our instructors acting as a safety pilot.