In these conditions “The Company” means Classic Wings of Duxford Airfield, Duxford, Cambridge, CB22 4QR.
(Classic Wings is a Trading name of Cirrus Aviation Ltd)

These Terms and Conditions apply to all flights and flight vouchers bought or placed by, or on behalf of, our clients. By purchasing a Voucher or booking a Flight with the Company, you agree on behalf of yourself, or the person for whom the Flight is intended, to be bound by them in their entirety.

Gift Vouchers:

Vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase and are redeemable for flights which take place during the months of March to October inclusive. Any Flight purchased must be booked to take place within such period of validity. The expiry date is marked on the voucher and an extension may be available on payment of a fee.

Any cancelled flights should be rebooked for a date within the original voucher validity period.
Should suitable flight dates not be available, cancelled flight vouchers will be extended free of charge up until the end of June the following year. Customers that wish to extend the validity of their voucher by an additional year will be charged an extension fee, currently £25 per person, per voucher.

Booking the Flight:

Once you have booked the date of your flight, at least 7 days’ notice is required if you wish to make any amendments to the date or time. We reserve the right to postpone a flight previously booked and to offer an alternative booking. Please note that we cannot guarantee to offer a weekend booking or guarantee that the flight will take place on a specific date.

Dragon Rapide flights operate on most weekends and some weekdays, between March and October. Weight limit is 18 stone (115 kg)
Wing to Wing with a Spitfire experiences operate on most weekends, between March and October. Weight limit is 18 stone (115 kg)
Tiger Moth flights operate every weekend and on many weekdays, between March and October. Weight limit is 18 stone (115kg)
Flights in a Spitfire operate most weekends, and certain Fridays, between March and October. Weight limit is 16.5 stone (105kg).
Flights do not operate on Mondays, unless it’s a bank holiday and no flights are bookable on Air Show days.
All other flights have limited availability, details of which are available on request or by checking on our website

All flights must be pre-booked. Flights depart from IWM Duxford (you must enter the Museum in order to take your flight). Your admission is included with your voucher and any guests accompanying you will be charged half the normal admission price.

Flight Conditions:

All flights are subject to suitable weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and sufficient (minimum) passenger numbers. In the event that insufficient numbers have been booked prior to a flying day, the Company may cancel flights for that date and offer alternative dates. The Company accepts no responsibility for bad weather, unforeseen mechanical problems or unforeseen events causing the contracted flight to be cancelled or altered from that contracted for.
The Company cannot be held liable for any costs incurred in this circumstance. Any delays or cancellations will be advised to the customer by text message and email, so please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date.

If you fail to arrive by your scheduled reporting time on the day of your pre-booked flight, or do not present your flight voucher, then you may forfeit your flight.

If the flight is cancelled for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to re-book your flight with the Company. If you fail to do this, we reserve the right to void the flight. Passengers should rebook any cancelled flights within the original validity period of the voucherThe Company maintains the right to cancel, alter or reschedule your flying activity without incurring any penalty.

All flight times are “chocks-off” to “chocks-on” (aircraft brakes off to brakes on)

Flight Risks:

All flights operated by the company are insured. Sightseeing flights are operated under an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

We are not qualified to express an opinion confirming that you are fit to fly. If in any doubt you should consult your physician if necessary. Passengers must not fly if suffering from any condition which may create or lead to a dangerous situation in flight such as, but not limited to, blackouts, epilepsy, recurrent fainting or giddiness, any nervous disorder or other relevant illness or injury unless you have a certificate of your fitness to fly from your doctor. Any passenger suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to fly. No flyer will be allowed to take part in any flight unless they have attended the full safety briefing preceding the flight.


DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE ACTIVITIES, ALL VOUCHERS ARE STRICTLY NON- REFUNDABLE UNLESS RETURNED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE. If a flight is cancelled by us for any reason listed under Flight Conditions, no refund is payable by the Company. The voucher can be transferred to another name, exchanged towards a different experience & any price difference paid, but not refunded, or the validity date can be extended upon payment of an administration fee. Any enquiries regarding refunds must be made in writing by the original purchaser.

Cancellations by you:

At least 7 days notice is required if you wish to cancel or change a booking, otherwise the booking is forfeited and no recompense is payable. Under certain circumstances the flight can be re-booked upon a payment of a rebooking fee which is 50% of the original flight cost.


By purchasing a Voucher or Flight you authorise the Company to store the information provided in relation to the purchase of vouchers which will be kept in both manual and electronic storage systems and to exchange this information as passenger booking circumstances require. Credit card details are not stored by us. Your privacy and security are important to us and for more details please see our Privacy Policy on the website.

The purchaser or the person(s) for whom the Experience is intended needs to be aware that the provision of the service is both seasonal, entirely weather dependant and subject to operational circumstance.

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. The parties agree that the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute which arises in connection with these Terms & Conditions.
March 2019